Music collection for accompanists of choreographic departments of the Children's Art School, art colleges and universities. Accompaniment of a whole lesson from start to finish! You can order it

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the author of this collection is irina nefedova - accompanist of the highest category, laureate of international competitions
There are two parts in the collection: the machine-tool (all movements) and sketches in the middle (from Russian lyric to gypsy).

The collection is addressed to accompanists of choreography, especially character dance. No need to select a repertoire, you can take and play a lesson from start to finish!

The collection includes works that were used in lessons and exams at the Children's Art School and the College of Arts.

COLLECTION features:


Tatyana T.


Good afternoon. I have already received the collection) We even took the material for the final exam, I could not find the notes here ... I work at an art school. The concertmasters liked the collections. thanks a lot

Mariya B.
Ukraine, Kiev

I was pleased with the collection I purchased for a number of reasons: everything was collected concisely, in fact, you don't need to climb the books for a long time, but immediately play selected and very accurate works! Another plus is that the notes are printed in a convenient font and format. The notes are new, large typed. I wish you more such creative ideas and further inspirations in terms of the profession!

Zukhra S.

Russia, Moscow

I liked the presentation of the material, simple, easy to play. There is no need to search for notes in collections, sometimes, when you quickly need to orient yourself in a character dance, but nothing comes to mind (once I had this with an oriental dance, for example), it gives an impetus for thought, and it is possible on the basis of this material play something of your own. A good help for the accompanist! A good selection of material, printing and everything else is also at the proper level, there are no complaints)) Thank you!

Julia G.

Russia, Khabarovsk

I liked everything, I think it will be useful to me in the new academic year! I look forward to new collections from you!

Elena H.


Good evening, Irina, looked at the notes, liked it very much, you are a great clever girl. I will introduce the Germans to our folk music.


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Collection for accompanists "Character dance"

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